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Dental Services
MJR Dental Repair Services
Authorised and factory trained for  repair of Coltene Whaledent  range of Dental Products
MJR Instrument Services are based in Frankston South Victoria. We are one of the authorised Australian service agents  for the repair of Coltene Whaledent range of light laboratory instruments. Below are some of the BioSonic range of dental instruments we can repair for you.
Some of the other products in the Coltene range we can repair for you
BioSonic Ultrasonic Scaler System, PerFect TCS II,  PINDEX Systems, S.P.E.C. 3 LED Curing.
BioSonic® UC50
BioSonic® UC300
BioSonic® Scaler 100R
BioSonic® Scaler S1

Just a quick note about how Ultrasonic cleaning works.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process created by high frequency sound-waves.  The sound-waves create high energy cavitation. During cavitation millions of tiny bubbles form and then implode, releasing enormous  amounts of energy and shock waves.  This powerful shock wave scouring action reaches into minute  crevices which cannot be normally reached by manual scrubbing. This combination of energy and specially formulated solutions make  ultrasonic cleaning the most effective method for removing gross and microscopic debris.

BioSonic UC125 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Specifications: Product Number: UC125 Tank Capacity: 1.25 gallons / 4.73 Litres Fill Capacity: 1.00 gallons / 3.78 Litres Overall Dimensions: 42.0cm x 27.0cm x 35.0cm Tank Dimensions: 28.5cm x 14.3cm x 12.7cm Output: 137 watts Operating Frequency: 52 kHz​
 Features: • LCD Technology • Largest tank capacity in its class • Quieter operations • Automatic shut off • Hinged action cover • Easy to operate • 2 year warranty
Experience a unit with a fast draining process, easy-to-use technology and quiet operations. The 1.25 gallon tank makes the UC125 ultrasonic cleaner ideal for medium size practices. Sixty percent larger than other “In Class” cleaners,  you’ll understand why the UC125 is perfectly proportionate to your needs . An internal study showed the UC125 to be 20% quieter than  its competitors and helps you maintain a calming work environment for you and your patients.  Equipped with easy-to-use LCD technology, the UC125 displays a countdown timer,  solution tracking function and degas button to ensure a maximum clean.
For service and repair of your Coltene Whaledent BioSonic  Ultrasonic cleaner please contact Michael at MJR Instrument Services on 0417 533 211
Or send your faulty BioSonic UC125 / UC50 / UC300  with contact details and fault description to MJR Instrument Services Pty. Ltd. Attn: Mike Robison 48 Mountain Ave Frankston South Vic 3199

Warranty Repair Information

MJR Instrument Services are an authorised warranty repairer for your  Coltene Whaledent products. If your electronic laboratory instrument is still within the warranty period  then please supply a copy of your suppliers invoice with your  instrument serial number,  purchase date and contact details. I will need a contact name, return postal address, contact number and email  as well as a fault description. If you are unable to locate your invoice please contact your  dental supplier representative for a copy of your invoice.

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