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To enable us to help you with your computer problems from your own n home we can login remotely to fix your problems. this way you don’t need to disconnect your computer to bring it into the work shop or have a full service call for a small quick problem Provided you still have the internet. Used to allow us access to your computer any time. Useful for company supported computer systems and for people with limited knowledge of the internet requiring more support. When you just want us to connect one time to your computer to solve a problem. once we disconnect the program is un-installed you must reload the program to use this service again. You need to quote us the connect code and install the program each time. This gives a free version of the program for home use. this is not linked to MJR Computer Services. You can give the code to family or friends the help you with your computer problem. The same as the full time host but for the apple operating System.
Full Time Host Setup Full Time Host Setup One Time Setup One Time Setup Apple OS Setup Apple OS Setup Free Version Setup Free Version Setup