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Repair Listing

Repair Listing

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Some of the Industrial and commercial electronic items successfully repaired to component level

Manufacturer Description

Module Type

Common name

Model Number,

Fault Description,

Common Faults

Main Power control PCB. Motor will not change speed or is fixed at the same speed. Water pump not turning on. Relay filtering circuit's dead.

Coltene Whaledent

BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner UC-125   UC50 UC-50 UC 50 BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner UC-125 UC125 UC-125 UC 125 BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner UC150 UC150 UC-150 UC 150 BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner UC300 UC300 UC-300 UC 300 BioSonic Ultrasonic LCD Display, Degas Option UC125 UC125H UC-125

DentAmerica Products

ROTEX 780 Power Supply Rotex 780 ROTEX 780 Hand piece Rotex 780

Full Spectrum Laser

H - Series 20 X 12  CO2 40 Watt Laser

Various AC & DC Drives

Minarik Electric Corp. MM23001C ATC Timers Model 354 Shawnee II ATC Counters 58-814 Labotek Controller 3.13 Penta Power DC Controller

Temperature and Die Controller

DME Temperature Controller modules   Shinko Temperature Controller modules   BOE - Therm Temperature Controllers 1700 - 01 - 35 Various Die Heaters

WE Technology Automation

WETEC Interface Board T-MCP 2007   T MPC 2007 WETEC Robotic Control cards SIO 2012C

Dosing Units for Plastic Recycling

Color Feed DC Drives & PCB's 410, 500/600, 310 PRM Plastic Recycling Machinery  Color Exact 1000/45 3250, Continator Plastic Machinery Color Exact Color Exact SM-D Maguire Precision Controller   Maguire Liquid Color Pumps MPA

Gilson Auto Samplers

Gilson Auto Sampler Power Supply

Gil75-4 Rev 7

Gilson Auto Sampler Power Supply

Gil75-4 Rev 8

Pulse Echo testers

Sebatel   Biccotest  Pulse Echo Cable Test Set CFL510 T510 SALZGITTER ELEKTRONEK Echoflex T11/1A  T11/2A Pantong Cable Fault Locator TDR - 44 TDR 44

Electric Fork Lift Cards & Modules

Nissan Power steering control modules   Nissan  Cont Unit-PS 1 077-004 29424 41H00 NYK Power steering Control modules.   Various Electric Fork lift control cards SCM4 61

UPS  Uninterruptible Power supplies

Ablerex UPS JP Pro 1000VA to 3000 VA Power Rite   AI 450VA to 2000 VA Fenton L425 L660 L1000 L1400 APC Smart UPS 700 XL Lantech   AI UPS Plus 700VA to 2000VA Jettec 280VA to 1000 VA


Buried Line locator BLL 200 Power Trace   Computer Power Monitor CPM 200

Meters, Insulation Testers


Brymen RMS Multi Meters BM837  TBM859CF Kyoritsu Insulation Testers (Meggars) 3111V FL500   Underground Fault & Wire tracer Kit FL500    

Buried Line locators


Greenlee 2011 Fisher M-Scope  Pipe and Cable Locator TW-6 Fisher M-Scope  Pipe and Cable Locator Gemini II 

Laboratory Test Equipment


CEM Microwaves Labwave 9000 AVC 80 Tamson Water Baths TV 4000 TV 40 TV 100 Hunterlab Colormeters

Ozone Generators

Various Ozone Generator 5 to 60 Grams / Hr Triox Ozone Generator SM-20-60

Salt Chlorinators


Pool Power P 400 Convection Chlorinators Salt Pro Chlorinator with Timer Salt Mate 120 Salt Master

Enuresis Alarms


Farish Bissell Industries Enuresis alarm control box Short hold up time. Intermittent operation

Evaporative Air Conditioning


Braemar Ultimate

Whirlpool Fridge Freezer

 Upright Fridge Freezer

R P Acoustic

Sub Woofer Repairs SW120


Wood Pellet Heater

Modification and repair to PCB to fix the Flashing light when dispensing cold water and the LED  temperature displays flashing. 
RP Acoustic Sub Woofer SW120, Dead. No Power LED or sound coming from unit.  Upgrade on PCB required.
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