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VPN Services

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Here is some information on surfing the internet using a recommended VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to your internet connection.  VPN’s are most often used by corporations to protect their information as it travels over the internet. It hides all your data while it surfs the internet. Think of it as sending all your information via a diplomatic pouch. No one, no company, no country, can open that pouch while its being transferred via VPN. when it arrives at the other end of the VPN Tunnel it can them be seen so you can surf the web. Anyone now looking at your data thinks your are in another country. All your mouse movements keyboard and video is encrypted at your computer and decrypted on a destination of your choosing. you information then travels the normal internet to the sites you choose to visit. The VPN Software we use at the Frankston South workshop  is from PIA (Private Internet Access). As you can see from all the pop ups around here. You can click on the links I have provided so you can get some idea of what you can do. If you are interested in using a recommended secure VPN and don’t want to set it up your self then Mike, We can install it for you.  If you are an existing customer of MJR and you don’t wish to use your credit card then we can use our company account to purchase your subscription so you don’t have to. Keep your credit card safe and really hidden from the internet.  We will include it as a service on the next or current invoice.

Unblock Censorship Filters.

Enjoy unrestricted access even when you are overseas Stream iPlayer by BBC, Demand5, FaceBook, YouTube, P2P and more with MJR Private internet access anonymous VPN tunnel service!
Quick link buttons to Private Internet Access Pages. Use them to see what a VPN can do for you. Use your back button to get back here.
Please use the links below to purchase or look at how visible you are on the internet. You can download the apps from here for your iPhone, iPad, or other Smart Phone or tablet.

Internet Meta Data

See what the internet knows about you just by looking at any internet page. Your computer and Internet ISP gives this information freely. and is required to keep this meta data for 5 to 7 years. This is the start of the Meta Data that the government is keeping on you to see where you surf the internet and how.
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VPN Services

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