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Electronic Repair

Electronic Repair Services

Electronic repair covers a wide range of items. We can repair or at least look at your electronic item and supply a quote for repair.   Items such as your remote control for your TV or the battery for your car keys don’t require a quote. Just drop it in while you are passing and I will happily look at it. Sometimes a quick touch with the soldering iron is all it needs to fix that intermittent problem or dry solder joint

Pinball Machine Repairs.

In my early years of Electronic servicing a worked for a company in Frankston repairing Pinball and Amusement machines. I have been convinced to start repairing them again for a few friends and people who have tracked me down. So if you are local to Frankston South or th on the Mornington Peninsula give me a call sometime and see if we cant work out that Williams or Bally Pinball

Swimming Pool Controllers

Swimming pool and spa controllers and salt water chlorinators are items that frequently arrive for repair or service. MJR Instrument Services can replace your faulty power MOSFET block or other electronic components as required. Many chlorinators and controllers faulty after the winter break and some just require a clean and removal of moisture and dust from the electronics PCB and / or timing and switch gear.  Others of course may require a much more detailed examination  after a thunder storm or power surge  to return the equipment to a serviceable state Replacement pool and spa controllers and chlorinators are available from your usual pool suppliers but can cost many hundreds of dollars if not thousands to replace. So if you live in the Mount Eliza, Frankston or Mornington Peninsula let us have a look at it first. If you are further afield then just send the faulty PCB via post for MJR to look at. Many cases a hi resolution  pic from your smart-phone can be enough to give an estimate on repairs. SMS or email your picture to Mike on 0417 533 211 or mike@mjr.net.au MJR Instrument services have repaired many items from all over Australia.

Industrial Electronic Cards

Industrial control cards “PCB” for the plastics industry  or any company that has an older style instrument or machine.  Your on-site electrician will generally remove the faulty card or PCB and send it in to us for repair.  We the return the card to your electrician to reinstall and test the instrument for correct operation  or carry out further repairs as required.

Electronic module repair service.

Most appliances nowadays are assembled and built using electronic modules. An electronic module is usually a circuit board with electronic components assembled in a insulated or PVC case, together this forms a electronic module. MJR can open and repair this module or electronic circuit. some of the common household items using this assembly technique are your washing machines, Dishwashers, Fridges etc. Commercial coffee machines PCB repair, Pizza over PCB repair, Coltene Whaledent electronic repair.        MJR Instrument Services are based in Frankston South Victoria. We are one of the authorised Australian service agents for the repair of Coltene Whaledent range of light laboratory instruments. We can service, repair and retune your BioSonic UC 125 or any of the other models in the BioSonic range. ( UC 50 UC 300 ). Repaired items can be returned to to the Asia pacific region including New Zealand. Please contact Michael via the contact page for a quote on shipping and repair costs.

Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Smart-phones.

iPod, iPhone, iPad and Samsung smart phones and tablets are repaired for us  by Shane at ifone Haven.  I have found Shane to be very efficient and adapt at repairing the Apple devices we have sent him and I have always received good feed back and are happy to recommend him to you. You can contact Shane direct at www.ifonehaven.com.au or on 0435 715 624 As in the past you can drop off your devices at the MJR Frankston South workshop  and i will relay and deliver your problems to Shane.

Miscellaneous Electronic Repair:

We repair most electronic items that use to be serviced by your local electronic repair shop. If you don't have a circuit diagram (Schematic) don't worry, most people don't, we can usually work out most cct's and at least have a good attempt at repairing your item.


TV's, Cheap DVD Players, Video Recorders, Clock & Portable Radios will only be repaired  if related by blood. Long time friendship or marriage and then at the Manager's discretion.